tree person  portraiture, 2 boys

she sleepeth  hazuki / lynch.  elaine, waiting

the cogs  gently goes  farewell, my lady

hush  the breach  in flight

narcissus  birds of a different feather  love again

growing up  the office  embrace

the sitting room  reading  smoke

the elementals  antara's shadow  the last trimester

pygmalion  maiha  chrysalis

seeing  mother and child  skeleton wings

habitat 6.0:

this is the selected sketchbook of atomicduck. enjoy your perusal through my art. click the thumbnails on the left to explore each image; newest images are added at the top. please respect that all art belongs to me. should you wish to use anything on this site for any purpose, contact me at egohabitat @ first.

copyright atomicduck 2010.


nov 16, 2010: site back up & new art added.